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Masonry Construction

Masonry Construction Is A Trade Where You Want Experience and Talent For Your Project.

At Hughes Custom Masonry we provide nothing but the best quality masonry construction Kitsap county. Our experience will make sure that your project is done right and lasts. Wether your masonry construction project is a sidewalk, driveway, fireplace, or even walls for a new home be sure to contact Hughes Custom Masonry. With our years of experience we have done every job and nothing is beyond our skill. Give us a call today to see how we can help you stay on budget with quality masonry construction Kitsap county.

Working with stone is an ancient tradition and methods that worked for our ancestors often work today. This is why there are so many stoneworks that remain today when their wooden counterparts have long ago disappeared. From the ruins in Greece to the still-standing homes from hundreds of years ago, the durability of brickwork speaks for itself. If you want to start your own project that will remain standing many years from now contact us to start the planning process. We have experience in a variety of brickwork and we can even repair or restore older brickwork that time has faded or less than stellar craftsmanship has left it in need of more improvements. When you hire Hughes Custom Masonry you are contracting industry pros who take each job seriously and are known for the highest levels of craftsmanship.

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