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custom stone wall on a house

Chimney And Fireplace Construction

Hughes Custom Masonry Knows That Perfect Fireplace and Chimney Construction Is Required For Safety.

A lovely stone or brick fireplace can be the centerpiece of a room when done correctly. The mason work should last for a very long time with perhaps some cosmetic updates to keep up with style after several decades if desired. If done incorrectly it is a completely different scenario. Chimney and fireplace construction requires skill and experience because of the inherent risks of the heavy wall within the home, the risk of the structural damage from the chimney on the outside of the home, and because proper ventilation and physics are key for indoor air quality. We understand the ins and outs of proper chimney construction and fireplace construction and we are here for residents in the area who are ready to improve their current fireplace with a makeover or have a whole new system constructed.

If you are considering a fireplace construction project contact us to begin the planning process. When is the right time for a new masonry project for your property? The answer is anytime is the right time. We work year-round and can complete a project in less time than you may expect due to proper equipment, extensive training, and over thirty years of experience in the mason industry. If you want a new fireplace for winter, or if you need repairs to the masonry of your current system call soon so you can light up when it gets cold the first time. But we can come out on the coldest day and improve your situation as well. We enjoy helping our clients improve their property with better aesthetics and improved structural integrity. Do not hesitate to call us for fireplace work if you do not like the look of your current system or if you want a whole new fireplace and mason work chimney from nothing.

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