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custom stone wall on a house

Stone and Brick Work

Hughes Custom Masonry Can Handle Any Sized
Brick Work Project You Have In Mind.

Do you dream of a stone walkway leading to your garden? Or maybe a fireplace by the pool? Whether your project is a day job, a week's work, or a month-long plan we are skilled and qualified to make your masonry projects come to life in a way that will leave you satisfied and ready to enjoy the new environment. Brick contractors with masonry training and skill can improve your curb appeal by turning your porch and siding details into a stone work of art, we can make a basic home appear stately in less time than you may expect. Contact us to find out exactly how we can improve your home for your own visual pleasure or for the price boost you will get if you are selling. We will give you a fair quote for the project and accomplish it the time we state at the beginning.

Brickwork can look simply amazing when done by skilled and experienced brick contractors. We have experience in turning drab mantels into fireplace showcases that take up an entire wall and wow homeowners and visitors alike. We have turned plain entryways into formidable yet welcoming entrances that make a statement. We work in the yard on patios and outdoor fire pits and in the house on fireplaces, chimneys, bathroom mason work, and pillars. Stonework improves the visual appeal and often the structural integrity of a home. If you can imagine a brick project we can likely accomplish your dreams and then some. Go from thinking about how much you would enjoy a stone feature to actually having it in less time than you think,

call today.

Hughes Custom Masonry Can Handle
Your Brick Restoration Project.

Do not fret about your unsightly brickwork. If you have old brickwork that may be structurally unsafe, or simply looks wrong give us a call. We have worked brick restoration projects and new brick construction for over thirty years and we can make your area look nicer and be more structurally sound. Check out our portfolio of past jobs and contact us for your brick restoration project. We work indoor and outdoor projects alike so if you have a stone mantelpiece that needs improvement, or if you want to turn your fireplace into a stone made work of art then contact us to discuss your plans and how we can bring them to life.

Whether you have new brickwork that was done incorrectly in the past decade or if you are interested in restoring seasoned brickwork in an older home we will

improve the structural integrity and make the finished project look exactly like you desire. Browse our portfolio to get a better idea of the services we offer and to become inspired for your next project. We look forward to repairing and restoring any brickwork project you have and turning your previous work into the project you originally had in mind. Do not delay, you could be enjoying your outdoor fireplace by the first fall leaf drop. You could be enjoying your new indoor mantle for your Holiday decor. We do masonry around pools, patios, decks, indoor and outdoor. We improve the curb appeal of homes with quality porch pillar makeovers and we do so much more. If you look around your area and visualize a stone feature or brick accents call us to make it a reality soon.

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